Thursday, October 8, 2015

speaking of graphics cards, i'll be here all week! and boy are my arms tired. :-( but seriously folks, i have more graphics cards lying around at home than you can shake a 16 megabyte compact flash reader usb stick at.

i always dream of all the cool things i will do some day with those gpus! i will have a render farm! i will have a 3d modeling class! i will have free time to play 3d games! i'll put 2 of them in one machine (awwwwwwww, yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh)! i will write my own cool 3d game and test it on different cards! IN SHORT, I WILL RECOUP MY INVESTMENT. except for how gpus are like one of the fastest depreciating things in a computer. and i never really do anything with them. maybe at best i run glmark2 once and then also play a couple-three sessions of minecraft. a game which can probably almost get by with a sofware renderer hardy har har.

in short: i am a pack rat / a freaking idiot.

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