Thursday, January 28, 2016

Just about everything about sounds and audio control on my Android L Moto E 2015 is a freaking effing nightmare of horrible, horrible usability. The lag. The complexity. The outright bugs.

Just a freaking piece! of! shit! user experience.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

if you pronounce GIF as "jif" rather than, well, "gif", that might be enough for me to give you a strong-no-hire. just sayin'.

(i kid! i kid!)
so usually there's something like

1) do step 1
2) do step 2
3) ???
4) profit!

but i think my version would end up being something like:

1) do step 1
2) do step 2
3) ???
4) h8!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Where to start the back handed bitch slapping?
No, really, I love how some types of tests in Xcode can only be run on the Simulator, and other kinds of things can only be run on a device. WHAT! EVER!
There are many reasons that I do no like the Apple iOS developer experience.

Random e.g.

And - oh my fucking god - e.g.
I sure wish UX was somehow more of a real forcing function in capitalism. I wish that the things which pretty much discourage the users from forking over money would have more immediate and drastic effects. I just cannot fathom how the folks who make things seem to time and again make stuff that is preventing me from wanting to spend money.

Now, I would also extend that to the idea of getting eyeballs, since that is another form of currency in this day and age. E.g. windows phone 10 app store showed something at costing $ and then I drill in and find out there is also a free trial (ad supported) version.
I am (not) surprised when a search engine (cough cough netflix, or windows phone app store) fail to show sufficient metadata on the results, requiring the user to drill in more than they really should. And/or not support filtering that could help get the results users really want.
both Xcode and AppCode seem to be explicitly designed to forget as much state as possible about how I configured the workspace.
String completion in Xcode is like some poster child of How Not To Do It in the city of ux.
I can't even find the words to express this succinctly. When I have something in the lhs project list in Xcode and try to drag-and-drop it down, it always goes into whatever folder is immediately above where I am trying to drop it. So if I made a new Group I can't seem to move it down the list w/out it ending up inside an already existing Group.  ?!

(Update: oh. my. god. there's like some 4 pixel sweet spot zone that lets me get what I want. and it is flaky as hell.)
so g+ sends me email saying somebody is now following me.

i have no freaking idea how i g+ to get a list of who is following me.

i hate g+ so much.

(Update: Go to "People" on the left, then the header bar miraculously changes to include a "Followers" thing you can click on.)
there's this meme in ui/ux that somebody started and too many (more than zero) people follow about trying to maximize screen realestate for content by making control bars move out of the way (fucking disappear) when you start to scroll up or down.

so then you have to know how the fuck to get them back.

and then they come back when you don't want them to and they get in the way.

i so utterly hate this shit.
i hate blogger
so much
i have no freaking idea how to just edit the (currently blank) 'description' field of my blog
can't freaking figure it out in 10 seconds from their ui/ux

have i mentioned recently how much i hate blogger?
to the tune of REM's song:
It's the end of usability as we know it
I feeeel fhhiiineeee.

i went to g+.
it pushed and prodded me to go the new g+.
like, i dismissed the banner that was telling me to use the new g+.
but the banner came back like nigh immediately.
so i said ok try it.
so then i get the new page.
and then when i mouse wheel scroll the left hand column of things /
when i reach the end of that panel (iframe, whatever) /
and keep spinning the mouse wheel /
somehow they've fucked up the ux so much that the fucking main big lists result on the rhs starts scrolling /
even though my fucking mouse cursor isn't over there /
at all /
what /
the /

we are linear creatures

* half a page a day
* exercise
* finish the 2+ video games i started on
* read things
* watch the main in the high castle
* clean the house
* learn to use the lego mindstorms we got for xmas that are sitting doing nothing
* find a way to teach programming at my son's school one day a week
* order parts and fix the r/c car
* finish making that entertainment console furniture project
* finish setting up the speakers on the tv for any hdmi inputs since i am too cheap/poor/stupid to buy a new receiver that does hdmi audio processing, and only have pass-thru
* get a real job
* work less
* save money
* draw things

* political activism
* more time with family

Saturday, January 2, 2016

i hate linux. i hate the linux desktop. any and all of them. complete and utter unfettered hate.

(of course, the legal entanglements of mac os x & windows are way worse. and while they seem to suck a little less ux-wise, they surely have more than zero utterly insanely stupid bad ui/ux, too.)